Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today's Offenders are Tomorrow's Victims in Gangs

Gang of six, with one carrying a bat.

Gang members are twice as likely to become both a victim and an offender of a crime than non-gang members, as single acts of violence often lead to retribution between gangs as a whole, according to a new study.

Friday, May 2, 2014

SHSU Alumnus Bridges Polish National Police and World

Picture of Lt. Col. Rafal Wasiak.Lt. Col. Rafal Wasiak of the Polish National Police.

Lt. Col. Rafal Wasiak travels the world to enhance international dialog on criminal justice procedures. During his 18 years of service with the Polish National Police Force, he has spent time building relationships between his alma mater, SHSU, and associated organizations such as LEMIT and CMIT with his native Poland.

To help keep abreast of the latest information on research and practices in the criminal justice field, Poland has developed professional exchange programs, including one with Sam Houston State University. For many years, law enforcement and correctional professionals from the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas and the Correctional Management Institute of Texas have visited Poland. Meanwhile officials from the Polish National Police and the Polish Prison Service have come to the U.S. These delegations aim to learn more about the latest criminal justice developments in each country.

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