Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CMIT Shares CJ Practices with Mexican Delegation

The Mexican delegation includes judges and restorative justice professionals.The Mexican delegation included judges and restorative justice professionals.

The Correctional Management Institute of Texas recently hosted a delegation of judges and restorative justice professionals from Mexico on a mission to learn more about various aspects of the Texas criminal justice system.

The five-member delegation, which represented three states in Mexico, was provided overviews of specialty courts, reentry and integration programs, and restorative justice efforts in Texas during the three day visit. They also toured several programs in the Wynne and Hamilton Units at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, including manufacturing industries, a substance abuse treatment program, and rehabilitation efforts, and met with the Brazos County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.

“This was an exciting opportunity to host a delegation of criminal justice professionals from our neighboring country of Mexico,” said Doug Dretke, Executive Director of the Correctional Management Institute. “Not only did this provide us an opportunity to share some of the important initiatives that have been developed within our criminal justice system, it also provide us a unique opportunity to learn about some of their efforts, especially with alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and restorative justice practices, within their system.” . . . Read more . . .

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Study Receives Federal Grant to Study Stalking Recidivism

Woman Peaking Past Blinds

Dr. Matt Nobles of the College of Criminal Justice received a National Institute of Justice grant to study recidivism in stalking offenses and how it relates to similar crimes.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Future Generations Could Inherit Drug and Alcohol Use


Parents who use alcohol, marijuana, and drugs have higher frequencies of children who pick up their habits, according to a study from Sam Houston State University.