Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Study Receives Federal Grant to Study Stalking Recidivism

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Dr. Matt Nobles of the College of Criminal Justice received a National Institute of Justice grant to study recidivism in stalking offenses and how it relates to similar crimes.

Dr. Matt Nobles "Dr. Matt Nobles"“We know very little about stalking recidivism rates in general,” said Dr. Nobles. “Most of the published studies on recidivist stalkers focus on the characteristics of offenders through clinical or forensic samples. This dearth of knowledge has implications for criminal justice policies and practices, particularly for the correctional management of stalking perpetrators and protective services for stalking victims.”

The study will use records collected from thousands of offenders in the Florida Department of Corrections from 1996-2004 and identify those with two or more stalking offenses. The stalking offenders will be compared with other offenders with similar charges, such as domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment, exploring such issues as the likelihood of reoffending, the time to reoffend and other related factors. . . . Read more . . .

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