Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Motivational Interviewing Training Academy (MITA) Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Where is the training being held? A: All phases of the Motivational Interviewing Academy will be held in Huntsville at the Correctional Management Institute of Texas.

2. Q: What are the pre-requisites?A: There are no pre-requisites.

3. Q: Do the participants have to be Foundation Skills Trainers?A: No, completion of Foundation Skills for Trainers is not required.

4. Q: Do they also have to be certified CSO’s or can they be counselors?A: Agencies will make the decision regarding the applicant. There are no stipulations required from the Motivational Interviewing Training Academy (MITA).

5. Q: Does CMIT plan to limit attendance to one person per agency? A: Applications will be reviewed by the MITA Trainers and will graded on a Likert Scale. All applications will be considered, and depending upon the number submitted, there may be a need to make decisions based on regional representation. If we have multiple applicants from one agency and can only consider a limited number, we will communicate with the agency administrator to determine the most appropriate applicant, based on their desired objectives.

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