Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Graduate of CMIT's NJLCA Class #2 Promotes

Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas is pleased to announce the promotion of Randall Walker to the position of Assistant Sheriff, overseeing the Detention Division and all Detention related services. The Detention Division of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office is comprised of over 300 employees including both sworn and civilian staff as well as community volunteers. Included in the Division are the Main Adult Detention Facility, North County Detention Facility, Inmate Programs, Electronic Monitoring Program, and Court Movement. The Assistant Sheriff duties have expanded due to the Public Safety Realignment Act which took effect on October 1, 2011. This has resulted in an increase in adult offenders serving their time locally, either supervised in the community or incarcerated in the Detention Facilities. Assistant Sheriff Walker will be a leader in assuring the increased jail population and offender needs are balanced with the Sheriff's Office mission to provide a safe community to the citizens of Sonoma County.
Assistant Sheriff Walker was born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and served 9 years active duty in the United States Army prior to joining the Sheriff's Office in 1991. He has remained steadfast to continuing his education and has completed multiple courses in supervision, management, and leadership to include the National Jail Leadership Command Academy in Huntsville, Texas.  Read more...

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