Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fighting Gangs, One Hot Spot at a Time

Officer Vento gives a presentation on Houston gangs to teachers. Officer Eric Vento has worked with prison and street gangs in Houston.

Officer Eric Vento has dedicated his short career to fighting gangs on the street as part of the Houston Police Department, and he would like to share his knowledge with prospective law enforcement officers in the future.

“I love gangs, they are so interesting and diverse,” said Vento. “They are migratory and move around constantly. It is like a little city within a city. They have their own colors, tattoos and terminology. They are similar to law enforcement in that they have their own subculture, their own language, writing styles and structure. They have ranks and rule books called ‘bibles.’”

Vento has been part of the Houston Police Department Gang Task Force since 2010, just a year after graduating from Sam Houston State University and joining the department. He works in “hot spot” policing, moving among crime-ridden neighborhoods and attacking gang activity through drug and violent crime arrests. He has interacted and investigated street and prison gangs – from top gang leaders to the eight-year-old lookout on the street.. . . read more

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