Thursday, July 18, 2013

Investigating Crimes in the Texas Prison System

Capt. Nathan Ward, Office of Inspector General. Capt. Nathan Ward, Office of Inspector General.

Capt. Nathan Ward (’09) is one of 140 certified peace officers at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice serving as investigators for crime and corruption cases within the statewide system that houses 150,000 offenders, oversees 90,000 parolees and employees 37,000 workers.

“There are seven to eight units in Huntsville alone, which house about 15,000 offenders,” said Capt. Ward. “It’s almost like being in a small city. The same crimes that occur in a city occur in a prison. We also have to deal with different types of crimes, like contraband and drugs in prisons.”

Photo of prison cells with lots of shadows.On a daily basis, an investigator might deal with a case of sexual assault or contraband, such as drugs, tobacco, money or cell phones, inside prison facilities. They also may be called upon to investigate a homicide, aggravated assault or theft among offenders or employees. They chase down parole violators on the streets or probe charges of bribery or misconduct against correctional workers and officials.

“I love it – it’s probably one of the best law enforcement jobs you can have,” said Capt. Ward. “It’s been a very interesting ride. I’ve gotten to do things most people never get to do in their entire careers.” . . . Read more . . .

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