Friday, September 13, 2013

TRAS Implementation Internet Broadcast Now Available Online

In September 2013, the Correctional Management Institute of Texas, in collaboration with the Community Justice Assistance Division (CJAD) of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice conducted a live internet broadcast. During this live internet broadcast titled TRAS Implementation,   Carey Welebob, Director of CJAD was the moderator of a panel to discuss implemenation strategies for the new TRAS risk assessment. Panelist included Dr. Teresa May, Director for Harris County CSCD; Dr. Brian Lovins, Assistant Director for Harris County CSCD; Christopher Thomas, Director for Jasper, Newton, Sabine, and San Augustine Counties CSCD; Terry Easterling, Director of Potter, Randall, and Armstrong Counties CSCD, and Roxanne Marek, Director of Wharton and Matagorda Counties CSCD.

You can view the broadcast HERE!

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