Thursday, February 6, 2014

Building Healthy Relationships with the Press

Kelli Arena stands outside the Communications Building at Sam Houston State University. Kelli Arena, Executive Director, Global Center for Journalism and Democracy

Criminal justice professionals and the media both work to serve the public, but that relationship can often be strained. The Global Center for Journalism and Democracy (GCJD) is collaborating with the College of Criminal Justice to help bridge that gap.

Led by Executive Director Kelli Arena, a former CNN criminal justice reporter, the GCJD at Sam Houston State University will provide two cross discipline opportunities for criminal justice and journalism students this spring.

Logo for Global Center for Journalism and Democracy.As part of its mission, the GCJD has also been working with the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas providing crisis communication training to Police Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs from Texas law enforcement agencies. Arena uses her unique experience at CNN covering law enforcement, criminal justice, national security and the Supreme Court to educate law enforcement officials on how to develop healthy, transparent relationships with the press.

In 2014, Arena also will develop a similar program for the Correctional Management Institute of Texas to train senior correctional leaders on how to work with the media. . . . Read more . . .

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