Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sam Houston State to Study Specialty Courts

Nueces County offers a court specializing in cases involving veterans.

Sam Houston State University will evaluate the effectiveness of specialty courts in Nueces County, which were launched over the last two years to increase accountability and better coordinate treatment for specialized offenders, such as veterans and people with mental illness.

Dr. Gaylene Armstrong Dr. Gaylene Armstrong“Specialty courts, such as drug courts, have shown a reduction in drug use and in future criminal behavior by offenders,” said Dr. Gaylene Armstrong, Director of Criminal Justice and Criminology Graduate Programs at the College of Criminal Justice. “Adapting this model to other important populations, such as veterans and those with mental illness, hold equally important promise.”

Nueces County, which is located in the Corpus Christi area, offers specialty courts for veterans, those with mental illness, drug offenders, domestic violence cases and reentry. Specialty courts are designed to address underlying problems that led to criminal behavior through a team of court and treatment professionals.

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